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Recent changes to your Veritas Enterprise support workflow...

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Hi Guys,

In the past, I've been able to reply to emails, on existing cases, from As long as I included the case ref and description, this has never posed a problem and has been a quick and easy way of updating support cases; which is precisely what you need, when troubleshooting, sometimes multiple cases, for different clients.

However, it seems that Veritas Enterprise support have decided to make changes to this workflow and any time I send a reply, to an existing support case, including the original case ref and description, I now get a template email response stating:

"Thank you for contacting Veritas Enterprise Technical Support Services. As of Sun Mar 26 04:46:42 GMT 2017, Veritas Enterprise Technical Support no longer creates cases via email. If you have active maintenance you will be able to open support cases, as well as view case details, status, and any support team case comments by logging into Veritas's online support portal at:

To log a case in MyVERITAS or receive technical support assistance via phone, you must present your unique Veritas Contact ID (CID) or Customer Support ID (SID).

If you cannot locate your SID or CID please contact Veritas Technical Support at one of the regional numbers listed at the Global Support Phone Numbers link below."

This automated response seems to also include a new case reference, that is prepended to the original case email subject line (which now includes two case references!?).

The email body, above, appears to assume my email is attempting to open a new case, which is clearly not the case.

Hopefully, I won't need to go any further in detailing the failure in either the content of the automated email or the new workflow that sits behind it.

Somebody at Enterprise Support needs to go through either the workflow or the email template and get them to work better and at least correctly describe what the new process is.

While I'm here, and this is an error, in your email templates, that I've pointed out on more than one occasion, to your support team representatives, the URL embedded in this email is incorrect. The tag reads correctly for However, the URL embedded within the tag still takes you to: 

Symantec!? Seriously!?




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Probably best if you report this to Customer Care.

I do not see any Veritas Support officials visiting here...

Veritas had made changes in their workflow. What changes and who knew what about where and when all depended on who you talked to. They undid the changes pretty quickly, which is good. At least they appear to listen, if not plan and communicate in a better manner!