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Remote Control Support

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Yesterday I went to Nathan what a Joke, I got Live chat The Analyst wanted to take remote control of my computer , Being I had already spent Hrs tring to trouble shoot the problem of the Norton Registry Cleaner Not working Error Code 2146959355, I had to leave the room for a min. came back, he had been in my registry and did some editing , after spending 4 Hrs on line with this guy He never fixed the problem , My computer would only start in SAFE MODE , which means NO Internet. Today Just to get my computer working again I had to RE-Image the SYS. Just Get it Running again.  I Un-Installed Norton Ran the removal tool, Reinstalled Norton , SAME Problem SAME ERROR CODE, After all that Norton said they would contact me by email today and I have Not Heard from Norton at all.And they call this support??


Level 6

What product and version are you running? What is the OS of your system?  Take a look at this thread in the Norton Community.

Cannot Run Registry Cleanup -

Follow the steps in Yogesh's post

BTW, this forum is used for Enterprise product support. In the future, your best bet for Norton help will be in the Norton Community.

Let me know if the problem igets resolved.