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Resizing a volume in a RDS

Hi guys.

I have a global cluster formed by 1 + 1 hosts in a RDS environment.

I would like to expand a volume/file system in every system, so I would like to check the correct procedure.

- stop the application 

- split the HA 

- execute the command for every system:

#vxresize -f -F ufs -g datadg lv_nms_data +40g 

- start the application

- join the HA

is this procedure correct ?

Thanks a lot.



2 Replies

Re: Resizing a volume in a RDS

Hi all.

It was correct.

I implemented correctly and I also recreate the DCM



Re: Resizing a volume in a RDS

Seems like a duplicate of this post:

Product forums in Business Continuity  community are more appropriate for these kind of questions.