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SEP 11 USB Auto Scan

I'm new to this forum.......I've read some old posts ref auto scanning when usb is inserted, if I understand correctly this was not an option in earlier versions of SEP 11......has anything change in newer versions; can SEP 11/12 be configured to start a scan as soon as a usb is inserted........if not, is their any other way to make this happen?



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check this link Auto Scan

check this link

Auto Scan once USB plugged in

applied for sep 11 & SEP 12

Check this fourms.

hi thekid22 , have you

hi thekid22 ,

have you recievd check above comments ?

SEP 11.x/12.1 will not auto

SEP 11.x/12.1 will not auto scan when a USB is inserted. 

However, once the USB is accessed, SEP will scan. If the drive is mounted during a scheduled scan, it will also be scanned. Auto-protect will still scan anything on the USB if the files are read/modified, etc.

You could create a custom scan that you manually need to kickoff once a USB is inserted.

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