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Should Symantec offer a Cloud certification exam?

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Employee Accredited Certified

I am working with the Global Sales & Services Education Enablement Leadership team to develop our key initiatives/strategies for 2012 and beyond.  I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in the Symantec Certification Program for 2011-2012.  I have some specific questions, but welcome all input. 

  1. Would you consider a technical Symantec Cloud certification program important or prestigious in the industry?  Why?
  2. A potential Symantec Master Cloud Specialist program could cover the following:
  3. Advanced technical competence targeting end users’ ability to architect, integrate, and manage Symantec solutions in the cloud
  4. How to build a cloud, secure the cloud, offer services for the cloud, and build private clouds
  5. Cover Symantec suites, such as: Symantec Protection Suite, Archiving & eDiscovery, Backup (BE & NBU), Storage Mgmt & High Availability (SF & VCS)

Do the above bullets look like they would be appropriate as a high level scope for a Symantec Cloud technical certification program?  Are there other factors   that we should consider?

  1.  If interested in achiving a techincal Symantec cloud certification, when would you plan to pursue certification? As soon as possible? Within 3 months? Within 6 months? Within a year?
  2. How would you prepare for a techincal Symantec cloud certification?
  3. What role most closely describes your function (e.g., System Adminstrator, Storage Adminstrator, IT Security Analyst, Customer, Consultant, Partner/Reseller, Storage Architect, Manager, etc.)?
  4. What would be a primary motivator for becoming a Symantec Master Cloud Specialist (if such a program existed)?


To learn more about the Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS) program, check out

Thanks for your time!

Beverly van de Velde

Sr. Manager, Symantec [Technical] Certification Program