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I just finished loading NIS on a computer two days ago, and I wanted to open Norton to perform some maintainence, but it wouldn't open. After several attempts, I opened the task manager to see what was happening. Nothing was running in task manager, so I clicked the Norton Icon, and for just a second the word "SpyFader" appeared in the task manager and then went away. I tried it several times with the same results. I rebooted the machine, which took 20 minutes after the Windows Desktop appeared and I was able to use any of the software. I opened the task manager again and clicked the Norton Icon. This time the word "SysFader" appeared and promptly left after about a second. I've tried this over and over, including rebooting several times (each of which took 20 minutes) with the same word appearing "SysFader."

I did try to remove Norton and reinstall it, but to no avail. The Norton Icon is alway on with the green checkmark in it, but I also keep getting an error message from Norton '3504, 100' claiming a problem with the installation. I've installed Norton on 8 other machines in the last month with no problem. I don't believe this has anything to do with Norton, but I'm stumped as to how to get rid of it and why it's affecting Norton. The cpu usage is at 100% while the 20-minute boot takes place. I need help please.



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You may also want to post on the Norton community for added visibility:

Run the Symantec Power Eraser on the affected machine as it has the ability to remove some of the "trickier" malware


About Symantec Power Eraser

Article:TECH134803  |  Created: 2010-01-09  |  Updated: 2013-04-11  |  Article URL


It is available in the SymHelp tool, here is the link to download

About Symantec Help (SymHelp)

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Level 2

I did use Norton's Power Eraser before reinstalling NIS.