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Starting Out Ghost Solution Suite

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I could use a little help/advice on getting started with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5. First off, I have the product installed on my PC and am finishing up one PC to create the image from. All the PC's that'll be receiving the image are identical.

Can Ghost Casting be done over Wireless or is Ethernet the only way?

How do I ensure the drivers are in my Ghost Boot disc that'll creat for each system? (Windows PE, Deploy Anywhere)

Where do I go from here? I've read the forums, but am a little confused, I'm new at using Ghost Solution Suite and we have 175 pc's to image total. I'll be doing this onsite where each site will have about 20 pc's to image. I feel I have the basics down here, create image, create boot disc and include any drivers needed. Open Ghost Cast Server, create session, input location where image is at. Then in the boot disc, select Ghost Cast, enter session.... I haven't gotten any further yet, I'm beginning to set everything up and wanted anypointers/advice someone would provide. That way I can go in strong and have a better understanding.


If I put this in the wrong community, I apologize in advance, I'm used to being able to Google whatever troubles I run into.