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Supportability of VCS Oracle Golden Gate agent in A/A mode.

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Hi VCS product team,

IHAC, planning to configure VCS with Oracle Golden Gate agent in A/A mode

Where DB RW mode in primary and DR site.

As per VCS agent guide for Oracle Golden Agent it is supported in A/Standby mode.

Question from customer is if there is any white paper to configure in A/A.

Here is detailed configuration.

As you can see below, 2 VCS clusters will be used and each cluster will work independently.

OGG will take care of DB replication between Oracles and the updates is bidirectional.  

The DR solution is Active/Active. Both Oracle DBs will be open and allowed R/W. So all service will be available on both sites.  

According to your answer below, VCS and VxFS support OGG and that is good news. If one node in one site, there will be local failover.

Are there any settings to support OGG service such as bringing up when local failover happens? I will appreciate if you share

any related document which explain below configuration.

Diagram attached to this discussion.





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