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Survey Problems

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I just did the performance review following a support request some months ago. 

The review was so inane, so repetitive, and so arduous that I doubt that there is any useful information out of it.  I realize that this is marketing at its best, producing hard data, letting you know what works and what needs improvement, and all that.  However, garbage in, garbage out;  this survey is garbage, and if you base one tiny decision on the results you are making a big mistake.

Throw out the people who designed this;  if it is an outside company, fire them.  Then get a process going that does qualitative, not quantitative, work with your customers. 

You are irritating your customers, and throwing your money away.

Level 6

I suggest you post this in the "Ideas" section of the Forum. Symantec is always open to hear how are customers feel about their user experience. I have never seen the survey, but if what you are saying is true then lets get this visible to the decision makers to make the changes needed for a better and more productive experience.