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Suspicious.vundo.2/Rootkit Help!?

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I have been having trouble with Suspicious.vundo.2. at first it was a bunch of fke anti virus pop ups now i try to remove it and it didnt work i search on the other topics and dowloaded the recommended malware remover but for some reason my computer wont open them

OK im using Symantec AntiVirus version : 9.05.1000

Ok i found out i had suspicious.vundo.2 yesterday and i went to and

it told me to

  1. Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).
  2. Update the virus definitions.
  3. Run a full system scan

and i did all of that and Symantec didnt find anything then i retryed it in safe mode and still nothing at first there was a bunch fake antvirus pop ups on my computer then it stoppedso i seach forums for a answer and i read in this other tread about a person with the similar promblem and i read that to downloaded - but that didnt work window said it wasnt a winodws program then i tried this other one this that didnt work and it saod it was not a valid win32 applicationand alos this internet expoler page keeps poping up with the same link everytime


I posted a tread here
and they told me to come here


Level 2
Run norton online scan for viruses and see if it works.

Level 3

Not so long ago I have been afflicted with some variant of Vundo, it messed up all my .exe on my computer. I found Dr.web Cureit really good at removing it.
Or you can search dr. web cure it in google.

Level 3
Hi did you run any free online scanners.  One you can run is from Trend Micro called House call, link is below.  See if that cleans up the mess.
Good luck.