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Symantec Email Proxy

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I have two PCs to which I apply NIS definition updates approx once per week ( I like to keep track of the software added to my PC). One PC is connected to the Internet while the other is standalone. All was well up to the 20100902 update, then when the 20100909 or 20100911 definition updates were applied and the machine next rebooted I receive a total of seven error windows with the header 'Symantec Email Proxy' and body containing a red cross and OK button. There is also a window with header 'Silicon Image Controllers NOT Present'; this must refer to my Silicon Image SATA RAID PCI card, which runs data HDDs and not the boot HDD. When I OK all the windows and then try to run IE8, the first attempt opens and then immediately closes, subsequent attempts open an IE8 window but fail to connect. I rebuilt the PC systems from old Ghost images and the same thing happened again when definition updates were applied.

Hardware is: Dell Dimension 530 with dual Xeon, 512 MB RAM, SI SATA RAID.

Operating system is: XP Pro SP3.

Any help to solve this problem will be gratefully received as the PCs can only be run with the older definition updates.

Thank you.


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NIS is a Norton product. Please post this in the Norton Community. This forum is for enterprise product support.



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you can also give them a call at 1-800-695-0678