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Symantec Security marking a false positive? Or is it us?

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Sorry If I am in the wrong palce, to post this request but I am somewhat new to this.  If there is a better place please let me know.

We are recieving scattered reports that our website is being flaged as containing a virus.  Below is a quotation from one such report.

>When updating my contacts I followed the link to

> and our internet security (by

>Semantic) put up a big STOP sign and said this is a known

>malicious web site - continue at your peril (so to speak).


>I think this is probably a mistake by Symantec and not much detail

>about why except "The Norton rating is a result of Symantec's

>automated analysis system."  Whatever that means.


>Probably worth looking into with Symantec to get cleared up.


We use a commercial hosting service for our website, and their IT manager said the following.

For some reason, Symantec's "Norton Internet Security" software is flagging WAFTB's website as a malicious site and is therefore preventing access to it by those who have the Norton Internet Security product installed on their computers. I am not sure what is causing Symantec to do this. There is probably a setting that users of the product can change to allow themselves access to and bypass the security check, but I am not sure how to do it as I have never used Norton Internet Security myself. We would need to contact Symantec and request that they remove WAFTB's domain name from their list of malicious sites and find out why it was blacklisted in the first place.


I am trying to find out what we must do to satisfy Symantec's need for a clean website.  We are not unwilling to make the necessary chagnes but we need to know what it was about our website that was wrong.  None of use Symantec and the reports from the users don't (understandably) provide enough details.


Thanks in advance for your assitance,

Daniel Kish
President, World Access For the Blind


Level 6

Put in a whitelist request here:

Also put in a false positive report here: