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Symantec anitivirus corporate edition ver. 10

Level 2
I am new to using Symantec antivirus corporate edition, and have a whole bunch of pc's running it. I see that when I log into a non admin account and try to run liveupdate. It tells me liveupdate is running in silent mode. How and where do you set this up in symantec corporate edition? Help would be good.
Thanks slakk

Level 6
Partner Accredited
Dear Slakk

That means that the LUALL process is running in the backround. If u manually want to run liveupdate then u should manually End the LUALL process from the Task manager--Process and re-run the liveupdate.

U can make the LU settings in the paraent server--All Task--Symantec Antivirus--Liveupdate.


Level 4
To View the live update screen

Go to Start-->Settings-->Control Panel--> Symantec LiveUpdate

In "LiveUpdate Configuration"

Goto "General" tab and in "How do you want to use LiveUpdate?" Option select Interactive Mode and click Apply and OK

Go to Start-->Run type luall.exe This will start live update screen and you can check the screen.

Note: You can even configure the FTP, HTTP and Proxy settings if required in Symantec LiveUpdate in Control Panel.

Level 2
Hi Ajitjha,
Thanks for the reply. I get that you can run liveupdate in silent mode, in the background. What I am confused on is why someone would run liveupdate in silent mode. For example I have a pc running xp pro service pack2 and symantec antivirus version10 and liveupdate version3.0 something like that. When I log into admin account and run liveupdate it works fine connects to the symantec server for updates fine. When I log into a standard user account and run liveupdate, it tells me that liveupdate is running in silent mode, for standard user account. So if you run liveupdate in silent mode for a standard user account, liveupate will work it will get the updates, right? Is this why you would want liveupdate to run in silent mode, to get updates for standard user accounts without having to give that user full control of the program. I am new to using Symantec antivirus corporate edition. I know that this is meant to be set up as a server. But the person I took over for never documented what they did. So I am trying to figure out how to get live update to work for a non admin user account. I am not sure if they configured liveupdate to run in silent mode from the command line. Or if they used Windows task schedular to schedule liveupdate to run, but if they did this would'nt I see see this as a scheduled task in there? I looked in there but didn't see any tasks there. I just want to know why someone would run liveupdate in slient mode for a standard or restricted user account.