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Symantec antivirus corporate edition auto protect disabled

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I have Symantec antivirus corporate edition, but for some reason I can't enable auto protect. In the config option of the program all the boxes are checked which indicates it is enabled but the icon in the taskbar in the bottom right hand corner of my screen shows an exclamation mark and when I right click to enable auto protect for some reason it wont work. Anyone with any suggestions on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.




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Is rtvscan.exe service started? Restart the service ( Symantec Antivirus).

Ensure the tampre protection is enabeled so that the threat which is trying to stop the service can be resisisted by this tamper protection service.



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 What about tamper protection check enabled?

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You have to tell us more.. especially tamper protect status

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restart rtvscan.exe service

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 Restarting the service doesnt help. It sounds like there's a problem much more depper than restarting services

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Check TP and try out the communication.

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have you tried updating the Symantec event files?

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some times it resolved by restart the pc but again arise after some times. mostly after one or two days, if i dont shutdown the pc. still waiting for the perfect solution.

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Have you done a full scan lately. Eliminate the probability of a new threat trying to disable the AV software.

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Trojan horse virus has disabled my symantec anti virus auto protect. Please suggest me what to do.

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I suggest you to try to remove your virus. You could try to remove it in safe mode. Or you could use free online scan or another free anti-virus to see if it can remove the virus.

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Check the registry.
HKEY local machine >... windows > currentversion > run
or something like that, something to do with startup perhaps.

Another way is to mount/map the C:\ to another computer and scan it from there.

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please check your installation.

check there is still more space on your disk,

check the updates after installation..

hopeit helps you.



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@brighteyesjas: Your SAV CE seems to be corrupted. I suggest you do the following:

1. Disable System restore
2. Remove the Harddrive
3. Look for another PC with working AV and updated virus defs.
4. Put the hard drive there
5. Scan the harddrive, clean all threats found. List down all the threats found
6. Replace the HDD back to its case
7. Start up the PC in safe mode
8. Do the manual removal instructions for each threat found to return the registry to its clean condition
9. Reinstall the AV client, update defs and run full system scan.

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I want to say I share the same problem as you, Jasmine.

I also have Symantec Antivirus installed v10.2.0.276, and recently my PC started acting up. I performed a system restore, and all symptoms have now vanished except those with SAV. Whenever I start my PC, my Symantec's auto-protect feature is disabled. When I try to re-enable it, it automatically disables again almost immediately.

In addition, my SAV scanner seems to have problems of its own. When I scan my PC, whether it be a quick or full scan, the scan only lasts for one second before it says it is complete with no viruses found.

Unlike Jasmine, I am not entirely sure if I have a virus or trojan of some kind. However recent scans performed on my PC using Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Superantispyware all indicate that I am currently not infected.

I'm thinking of performing a complete uninstall and reinstall, but I'm wondering if there are any other solutions for this problem.

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I have a similar - but not exact problem.  Was there any answer offered for this problem, which wasn't posted here?