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SystemWorks keep deleting my Login Cookies

SystemWorks keep deleting my Login Cookies! I want it to stop deleting my cookies! I have already set everything I know of to stop it form doing this it seems to delete my cookies every week, or two weeks, or so. I mean when I go to any websites that I need to lg on, it no longer has my log in info and I have to manually put my use r name and password in, and that lasts until the next time it is deleted off my computer. This has been going on for a few years, but I had totally had enough!

I have been using Symantec/Norton products for many, many years. Please, that has got to be a way to make this stop.. I am ther only one that uses this computer, and this security insanity goes to far! It is insane and this paranoid programming needs ot let us samne people have normal settings.


please, what setting can I set to stop these programs from running amuck deleting my info?

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You may want to post your

You may want to post your question in the Norton community at This forum is mainly designed for users of Symantec's enterprise/business programs. The Norton may be better equipped to help you.