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TECH note Symantec -> ??? Veritas


It isn't the first time when I click link to Symantec's TECH note and it forwards me to nowhere by saying : Page\Article not found, etc...

I did quick search into forum thread and there are some opinions that it happens when article is expired. Not sure that it is true for all cases.

For example: Top 20 technotes...

TECH38085 How to purge Microsoft Message queues (MSMQ) as part of Enterprise Vault (EV) administration tasks


TECH38085 can't expiried until MSMQ is in use for EV. I am looking for this TECH38085, but all links which I have (including links from official documentation) are corrupted.

Could somebody please:

1. Give me content from TECH38085? Updated article?

2. Give some tips or general approach how to find Old TECH notes in new site?


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Re: TECH note Symantec -> ??? Veritas



That article has become internal only now. The article number is 000029085 for your reference. I'd advise you to open a call and ask a technical support member for EV to find out why it's internal only. There may be a valid reason.