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Thoughts and takeaways from Vision 2017

Level 2

Wow. The second Veritas Vision conference is over. And what a week it was. Press conferences, technology announcements, great keynotes, surprising demos, valuable breakout sessions, and a list of sponsors that any conference would be lucky to have. To name a few: Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Oracle.

So, what was the takeaway? -that Veritas is maniacally focused on helping organizations better utilize this asset that exists in each of their environments known as secondary data. As Veritas CPO, Mike Palmer iterated on stage, “secondary data is not only the most under-utilized asset in the enterprise, it’s also the biggest opportunity.”

For more than two decades Veritas has lead the market in the areas of enterprise backup and recovery, software-defined storage, and eDiscovery/archiving. However, as the world continues to both create and depend on more and more data, a better way to harness the power of their information is clearly needed.

The largest data estate in our customers' environments is their secondary data.

By eliminating complexity from point products, making storage smarter and more scalable, and by giving customers unprecedented levels of visibility into their data, they can not only protect it better, reduce risk more effectively and lower the total costs of managing it all, but they can unlock the value that lies therein to uncover new insights that drive business forward.

And as our customers continue to embrace new architectures like cloud, OpenStack, and containers, or new workloads like NoSQL, or Big Data, the continued commitment to support them with the kind of industry leading technology, innovation, and engineering prowess was also clear.

I’m proud of what I both saw and helped create this year at Veritas vision. There was a lot of excitement and optimism regarding Veritas’ outlook and vision for the future. The Cube was onsite hosting a number of interesting conversations, one with me and Ian below on what we aim to solve for customers with 360 data management for the multi-cloud:

The Challenges We Aim To Solve: 

 As part of a community give-back, we got to make Capes for Heros:, which was very special.


And we got some great coverage on our announcements as well:

CRN: Veritas Vision: Veritas Enhances Multi-Cloud Data Management, Strengthens Ties With Microsoft Azure ...

TechTarget: Veritas 360 data management embraces cloud, dedupe, NoSQL

Also great to see the positive comments on social from our AR/PR community as well:

The simple truth about public cloud: In the end, it is still your responsibility for the app and data, not the provider. #vtasvision — @edwinyuen

Kudos @Lylucas on very smart keynote - strong narrative, clear news, competitive digs clever/tasteful, showed momentum #VTASvision — @jbuff

Most clever monologue on #dataprotection ever by Mike Palmer #VTASvision — @jbuff

Still a good crowd at day 2 #vtasvision. — @krmarko

Veritas senior execs take questions. Useful perspectives on selling the new strategy: focused on particular biz data problems. #vtasvision — @krmarko

With #Veritas in #LasVegas to resolve the '#Information' #Tech conundrum to drive value and avert risk. #MultiCloud #GDPR #DX #VtasVision — @sabhari_idc

Yes, we're closer to #Hollywood and it had a part it the dramatic #BackToTheFuture theme intro into#data management. #NoFate #VtasVision — @sabhari_idc

The modern #data protection capability matrix demonstrated by #Veritas at #VtasVision. #BaaS#DRaaS #Containers #MultiCloud #BigData #DX — @sabhari_idc

Veritas can reach APAC customers via GDPR by @eileenscyu — @ZDNet

Vision was a success. But now it’s back to the grind in helping customers solve real challenges with comprehensive solutions, and a vision to help them better utilize their secondary data. 

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