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Traffic from IP address is blocked

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I am facing multiple issues with my internet connection at home (Comcast).

Randomly, I get error messages flashing in below right corner of computer screen from Symantec Endpoint Protection saying "Traffic from IP address is blocked from 9:34:25PM till 9:44:25PM. Denial of service is logged." During this period my internet access is totally blocked and I am unable to surf internet.

Sometimes, when internet resumes after the said time, it again flashes the same message and again internet stops. A number of times after this, I also lose the IP address and have to re-install my wireless router again (shutting down the system/rebooting cable modem/wireless router/re-installing wireless router etc). All this is very frustrating.

This only happens at my home internet (I am in Minneapolis, MN and using Comcast internet through a Cable modem). It never happens with my office wireless internet

I have set up a wireless router on my own to enable wireless access at home. (Netgear WNR2000v2 model)

Can somebody suggest me where the problem comes from? Is it related to my wireless router (bad router?) or is it with Symantec/Comcast internet service...


Please help.



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There is another forum concerning the same topic: Check the link, this might help.