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Veritas NetBackup Certification Exam for 6.0


In Symantec site i have checked and found the certification exam is available only for 6.5.


Can anyone please tell me that is there any certification exam for Veritas NetBackup for the version 6.0 for Unix as well as Windows ? How many certifications currently available ?


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Re: Veritas NetBackup Certification Exam for 6.0



We only promote the NetBackup 6.5 exams, but there are also several legacy certifications available for NetBackup 5.0.  You can find all of the available certifications at .  I am also working right now to get more information on two of these legacy exams posted on our website.  They are Data Protection Administration for Windows (NBU 5.0) and Data Protection Administration for UNIX (NBU 5.0). 


There are no certifications that cover NetBackup 6.0. 


Feel free to email me at {removed email address to reduce spam} for more information.





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hey thanks for telling the

hey thanks for telling the site hope it will be helpful..

Is there any certification

Is there any certification available on the latest version of Netbackup ?

NetBackup 7.0 Certification

We are working to release a new certification exam covering NetBackup 7.0 (both Unix and Windows versions).  This exam is scheduled to be released in September 2010.

If you'd like to be notified when these exams are released for beta testing, please send an email to .  (Please do NOT remove this email link, this is our customer email box).

You can also visit our website at for more information on upcoming exams.