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Win Fax Pro 10 + ?

Did Symantec just forget about us or are they going to upgrade Win Fax for windows 7 and so on? We were one of the very first to purchase and use WinFax when it first came out. We loved it and still do, even through there were a lot of problems with it and lack of support. There are no other programs out there anything like WinFax, so I am hanging in there waiting for the upgrade to windows 7. My desktop which had my windows XP andmy winfax pro just crashed and I was forced to go to my laptop without winfax. I need my Win Fax Pro. What do you say Symantec when will it come out for windows 7 ?

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Doesn't look like

Doesn't look like it:

Symantec discontinued sales and support of WinFax on June 30, 2006.

Confirming what Brian stated,

Confirming what Brian stated, Symantec discontinued sales and support of WinFax PRO on June 30, 2006

You can visit the Winfax support forums for product support. - Note: The Winfax forum is not affiliated with Symantec.