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Unable to download files via Symantec website

we are trying to download service pack2 for Backup exec 2010 R3 from this link as when we try to use live update the connection fails before the download begins

MySymantec Technical Support Manage Case Down

I was able to get to the "Manage Case" page under MySymantec's "Technical Support" section early this morning (10/19/12) but have since been getting "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found".  However, if you're able to get to this webpage, I'd ...

Clint by Level 3
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Hi All , Im confused with different products of Symantec for Backup at present we are using Netbackup enterprise Suit in our projects and now lot of projects coming in so wanted to know in depth of everything under one roof if have any link please re...

Resolved! Endpoint /symantech protection manager

Greetings! My question is, Does symantech use liveupdate or googleupdater? I ask this in reference to googleupdater was used by Norton. thanks looking for to your reply.

jwells by Level 2
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Please Help... Symantec A/V Eating All Free Disk Space

  Hello- We're running Symantec AV Corp Edition I know this is no longer supported and we are working to upgrade this. However, I'm hoping to get some assistance with an issue. Bascially all free disk space is completely eaten up by grow...

Resolved! Cloning program for Windows Server 2008 R2

Hello, I am currently looking to do a complete and 100% exact clone of our Windows Server 2008 R2 system. What is the best software to use for this?   I was looking and found the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, but I do not know if that does an exact ...

Ghost64.exe hangs

Running windows 7 64x enterprise system. Loading Ghost64.exe ver hangs when loaded. Running on an HP 8440W. This used to work on a Dell E6400. Called symantec tech support and they blow. They said that this is the latest version

newbie question on ghost32/ghost64 executable

My goal is to create a snapshot of my computer prior to running tests on it and save it to an image file..  Run the tests. Then restore my original computer files prior to testing. I opened ghost64.  Selected Local-->partition--> to image.  I select ...

Kfish by Not applicable
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Unable to get updates to clients from from symentec server

Hi  i have installed symentec end point protection SBE 12.0.1001.95  Antivirus on Windows Server 2008 64 bit  Standard Edition the problem is when i install antivirus on the client machine its install successfully after installing when i do update po...

Tasneem by Level 2
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Resolved! MySymantec Customer Support Manage Case Link Down?

After logging into MySymantec, can anyone get to the "Manage Case" link under the Customer Support section without always being prompted by that customer support portal registration form?  I previously filled out the form via the "Create Case" link t...

Clint by Level 3
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Weekly Worker Report for SD 7.1

Hoping someone else has asked for the same thing but i am in need of a weekly worker report for SD 7.1.  I have been sucessful in creating a report that show all workers but i dont want this report to go out to everyone and see everybody elses open t...

rickss38 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Problem with case creation

When i try to submit case through WEB, i get "page not fount", have tried from different workstations and with different browsers (IE,FF).

Alex_Zn by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Symantec all in one management console

Hello everyone! I have a general question: I heard that there is a product of Symantec that can to manage / monitor all Symantec applications that I have in my organization from one console ! Does anyone familiar with that product ?  

talor88 by Level 2
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Force Update from Symantec Liveupdate Server

Hello. I have a SBS 2008 server and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business 12.1 installed for 15 clients. My problem is that all clients are at an other city an we work with vpn. I have noticed that a had a big problem with clients trying to wor...

Support case

I am unable to create support cases.  I have tried serveral times from different computers and different browsers.  Every time it throws an error when I try to submit the case.   And since that is the only way I can get support it is pretty frustrati...

bob47301 by Not applicable
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Blue screen - TCPIP.SYS

Hi, Some users from my office are being afected by the blue screen, I think the problem is on symantec. Can someone help me? After I disable the Symantec's service, its still didn't happen. we use win XP 32 bits.  

Surufon by Level 2
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