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December 2011 Time zone - KB-2633952

KB-2633952 - December 2011 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems is not included in the file v7.1.269 (PMImport.xml dated Dec. 15th 2011.) When will it be included ? Or is there another link for the 7.1 f...

Jack999 by Not applicable
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Issues with MySupport

I received this error when trying to log a support case through MySupport. MySupport Application Error The MySupport application has encountered a program error. You can either try again or contact Symantec Technical Services ...

Digital Whiteboard - Product Expired.

  Trying to continue to use this product, and the install has expired again.  Is there a valid download link?  And when will this product be brought out of beta?  And I won't mention the ipad app that was never released...

SEP Management pack for Microsoft opereation manager 2007 R2

Hi,   One of my enterprise customer is using Symantec Endpoint Protection 12. They have a requirement to integrate with Microsoft system center operation manager 2007 R2.   I found one article regarding this but I need to have official management pac...

chanakavip by Not applicable
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IP address

Hi there, I'm trying to figure out why I keep seeing this error message.  It usually happens at random when I am trying to open my browser and then Google Chrome will give me a message that the DNS is not available.  How do I fix the problem?  Thank ...

Ghost - Norton 15 disk clone instructions

Hi upgraded from Ghost 2003 to Ghost 15.  I am very confused on the new way to clone your disk.  Before I could boot up on a floppy - see both drives, resize my partittions and let it rip.  Now Ghost 15 has very limited instructions on how to do this...

regarding Symantec Websecurity 3

I was just going throguh Websecurity 3 created few virtual users & restricted sites, but problem is if users prefix with some alphabets\username for ex:abcd\temp1  (backward slash ), he can browse all istes withought restriction, but if he users type...

Resolved! WinFax Pro 10.0

I have winfax pro 10.0 on my desktop windows XP but due to lack of memory and many other issues as it is an old computer, I have chosen to use my laptop with windows 7. The problem is Winfax Pro 10.0 is not available for windows 7. When will this upg...

Resolved! Koobface virus

I am currently using Symantec Anti-virus Full Version  I have just been asked if we are protected against koobface.  From what I have read it has reared it's ugly head again.  I am new to Symantec, my previous employer used Trend and mos...

SKnauer by Level 2
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Symantec phone system down?

It appears Symantec's phone system is completely down right now, 3:45pm 10/28/2011 I am in the USA   Main number: 1-800-721-3934 ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, r...

ASC High Availablity Assessment

Hi I am preparing for ASC High Availablity Assessment exam. I need your positive suggestions as if I go for then how will it be helpful to secure good grades?

Symantec Blog and my personal Blog web site Sync

There may be a way so that anyone's Symantec Blog and personal Blog Site (for example or with each other. Let suppose if anyone create's a Blog on Symantec this will also publish on his/her personal Blog too. OR let supp...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Tidserv Activity

Norton has a pop-up that keeps coming up saying " Threat requiring manual removal detected: Systen Infected: Tidserv Activity. I downloaded and ran the fix but it did not find the threat.  I ran a full system scan, and it did not find it either.  How...

SHennes by Not applicable
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LUA to LUA with ftp port

Hi All.... Good day.....   Can anyone can help sharing about how if we want to do configuration download updates definition form LUA  to LUA using ftp port, by default only be performed with the http port and ftp port for fileover. Is possible to ...

Yahoo mail won't open attachments

I use IE8, and have a VISTA machine.   We use manged endpoint protection,  I can not open attachments in Yahoo mail. They are scanned by yahoo, and when I click continue, they disppaear. The bottom of the screen says done, but it never appears. From ...

Idle Time Scan

The Idle Time Scan is automatically activated. It is a full deterent to the operation of the system as it shuts down all functions. When attempting to get back into the computer system it takes up to several minutes to clear it and have the system fu...

ceopmi by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help to pass ASC Storage Management Assessment Exam

I am looking for the latest Symantec ASC Storage Management AssessmentExam in efforts to get good score .Please let me know if Certmagic . com is helpful to get good grades as I have heard that its very helpful source to get A grade in certification ...