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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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I purchased an online subscription from Symantec for Norton 360 V5 complete for 3 users, however my laptop also downloaded a rootkill virus that has corrupted the Norton download. Is there anything that can be done or have I lost my money. Urgent ass...

Monadel by Not applicable
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I cannot seem to be able to gain access to symdeltmps. I tried to work support but I cannot submit a case, they ask for Technical contact ID or Technical Case ID, but I dont know how to get either of these. I have not recieved any emails concerning t...

bhosley by Not applicable
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GSS 2.5 live update not working

Can I get the link to update my GSS 2.5 as live update just hangs and will not update.  I have updated "live update" to the latest but it still hangs.   Thanks

labman by Not applicable
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XP Mode Installation

A previous post about using Norton Internet Security on an XP Mode session said: License And as far as the unmanaged clients are concerned they do not require the license. What is an unmanaged client? Does that mean that I can install Norton Inter...

pbrattin by Not applicable
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Resolved! program removal tool failed to complete

I wanted to remove corrupted symantec programs with the program removal tool but it failed to complete and 'hung' about half way through. I tried two more times and the program hung in the same place. How do I make the program complete to finish the ...

anon-- by Not applicable
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Resolved! Norton system Works Question

I am a total newbie on the computer - I wanted an easy to use Recovery/Backup program so I downloaded Norton System Works Premier Edition and the following programs from the disk. Norton Go Back - Norton Protection Center and Norton Save and Restore ...

tmik by Level 2
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Can't scan external drive

Hello, I am running Symmantic on Windows 7, 64bit. How can I scan external drives? I tried right clicking and there is no option to scan a folder, I also tried to create a custom scan and just selecting the external drive. Yet the antivirus still att...

Resolved! No Box for the comment field

Hi, I was trying to enter a comment to a certain thread however, there is no box for the comment field. There is a box for the subject, but when you click on save, you get an error that the comment field is required. It does not happen to one thread ...

Desktop always scan

Morning All, I have a problem about the desktop.Now my server is using SSC(Symantec System Center) to distribution the virus defines to all desktop.The desktop are using Symantec Antivirus to protect virus.But i found that the desktop's Antivirus alw...

symantec email proxy

Sir/Madam,   I have got problem in my desktop showing symantec email proxy repeatedly. how can i delete this program. Thanking you.

Hacking/Attack statisitics

I'm looking to get some stats on the number of attacks that occur on a regular basis (Day, Week, Month). Any data showing this would be great. It doesn't have to be anything technical. I was hoping Symantec published something like this but I don't k...

_r___ by Level 6
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Internal Port Sweep Explaination.

My name is Thomas Moore and I new to Symantec and I am new to Symantec. Can you explain this to me Internal IP address 12.345.67.89 has attempted to connect to port 80 on at least 10 different hosts within 300 seconds. What does this mean and how to ...

Resolved! Points for an article

Hello, I am not sure who to ask and so I post it here. My question is that, is it possible to get a zero point for a submitted article. I think mine is already approved and published but the point is zero. Thanks

failure to launch

I have my daughter's computer from college and naturally while at home for the summer, the hard drive crashed... I copied drive to discs to have a copy via an hdmu at work. Restored to new drive and after many hours am alive and all data is retored. ...

RTvscan.exe Mem Usage is above 230mb!! help.

hello, I saw in earlier discussions that there is a fix to this problem, but it was for more updated version of SAV. mine is can you tell me what is the solution for this. please try to be as detailed as you can, since I don't have much...

spetz by Not applicable
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Help please - is my forum post in the right place?

Please could someone have a look at this thread: Surely it's not that complicated? Perhaps I should not have posted it where I have, but, in that case, where shou...

MandyShaw by Not applicable
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The firewall is blocking access to live stream on  Please advise how to unblock.

BinBin by Not applicable
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Phisihing calls to Symantec Customers

This is an email I sent to a couple people listed under the Symantec Media contacts as there are is general Corporate contact information anywhere on the website (obivously by design).  I putting this up both as a warning to other Symantec customers ...

Grand by Level 4
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