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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Bsod Error c0000218

I started getting the bsod with error c0000218 on both of my pcs at the first of Decemer, 2010.  Running corporate edition 9x.  Tried everything short of formatting the hd and reinstalling XP with sp3.  Ran several spyware and malware removal apps to...

pucci by Not applicable
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Norton Ghost 14.0 Restore

I was havinig trouble with my laptop, so I decided to restore my computer...It did bring back my computer but I lost all my data files since my last backup. Is there a way to UNDO or Rollback this restore to get to my data files? Any help will be gre...

taoris by Not applicable
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Do I need to uninstall?

I am going to purchase Norton 360 Version 4. Do I need to uninstall Norton Internet Security 2011 Version prior to installing the 360? Also is it alright to leave to leave Norton SystemWorks Basic on my computer? Thanks

Waitman by Not applicable
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procomm startup

When I start up Procomm, it sits for 30 seconds "checking modem". How do I disable that feature? I don't need it to "check a modem".

kfgolf by Not applicable
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Resolved! Error message 0x20000003

Hi, I know this has been asked before, but how do I get Symantec to run in Safe Mode with networking?  My computer has gotten infected with the faux antivirus program Antivirus Action.  The program prevents me from opening any of my files including S...

not able to browse internet

hi folks, after installing symantec i am not able to browse the internet. If i uninstall symantec, then  again i am able to browse. how to get this resolved?

vcs123 by Level 3
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Error: Support ID is invalid

Im trying to log a case and get an error that the support id is not valid. I confirmed the support ID with customer care and said that it is correct. Please help. thanks

MySupport page - questions

Hello! I have some problems and questions re. MySupport web page ( 1) In the last step 3 when creating a new case : I see only severity 2, 3 and 4 but there is not severity 1. Why ? Check my screenshot

3play by Level 3
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Upgrade 11.05 to 11.06

I downloaded trial of 11.06 (Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_11.0.6_MP1_Trialware_Xplat_EN); can I use this to upgrade my 11.05? If yes, is there anything I need to take care in upgrade? If no, where to download the latest 11.06 version? Yes, I still ha...

Anti-virus tmp files question

Hello Sorry, I don't know wher to post this post. Since we have been using Symatec anti-virus, now we are using Kaspersky. Kaspersky scanned a computer has virus in the following path: C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Symantec...

leiw by Level 4
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Login Assistance

Why do I have to login everytime I go from one page to another? Am I the only one experiencing it?

Resolved! Buying Symantec Products(NIS2011)

Hi here. Does anybody know, how I can buy Norton Internet Security in dollar price in Europe region? I saw that Europe price(currently in pounds or euros) is a little more expensive than price in dollars. 

Number for PGP

It seems that the number for PGP is not working. Can anyone check? The number is 00-800-7474-1234, it is for France, United Kingdom and Germany customer. Please advise.