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Resolved! Linux version of Symantec?

Anyone could guide if there is a Linux or Unix version of Symantec Antivirus/End Point Security that is currently available? I was searching for the same but could get one.

eLibrary (training question)

I'm familiar with the eLibrary and the associated pricing. However, I can't find much descriptive information. I know that the content is updated continually...but in general approximately how many hours of content are included ? I've been unable ...

Symantec support

At this writing, I have been on hold listening to oldies for 1hr and 58 minutes, are the products that bad that one needs to be put on hold for a technician for over two hours by the time I finish this, I have to keep holding but this is more than ju...

Resolved! WHATSNEW.TXT Top-ten List

How often the top-10 virus list is updated in WHATSNEW.TXT available in VirusDefs of SEP ????? Latest Update (May 23 2010 rev. 4) shows :- ****************************************************************************** ** Viruses and Blended Threats...

Corporate Edition

Upon starting a scan, program automatically stops and says "scan stopped by user"  which I didn't and it will not show controls to continue.

Julian67 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Uninstalling Norton AV 7.60.926

Hi, Could someone out there please let me know if there is anything more I need to do besides go to Add/Remove programs and Remove Norton Antivirus 7.60.926. I was told that I might have to do something additional with my settings. Thanks very m...

wooster by Level 2
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Norton Security Suite V.4 live update problem.

     I downloaded Norton 360 Version 4. Its the Comcast version. It has been running great ! Well, until i turned on my PC the other day and my definitions are 3 days old and out of date.  When i click fix  Norton does its live update. When its done,...

jden24 by Not applicable
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PCA 12.5

Basic Q. I am about to travel for 3 months and want to just connect to my SBS 2003 server..mainly to update and send and receive via Outlook Exchange as there are so many different boxes. I want to run 2 laptops simulataneously connecti...

Partition FAT32 is converted to FAT16

Hi I have 4 parttions Partition  Status   Type     Volume Label   Mbytes   System   Usage  C:  1        A    PRIMARY                   199.0     NTFS/HPFS   1%  D:  2             PRIMARY                140565.0  NTFS/HPFS  92%  E:  3             PRIM...

tss by Not applicable
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Endpoint 11

Can I install clients first and then server programs later as our server is not up and running yet but we do need some clients protected?

omits by Level 3
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Exchange uninstallation Error

I know this is not the symantec related error but any help will be appriciated. (  Actually i have installed this exchange server with disasterrecovery switch because my this exchange server was lost but want to uninstall because i am not able to se...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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