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improvements on NBU

there really should be feedback forum (like they have with Windows 10) for the product. referring us back to our local supplier/vendor is no help because they don't care.anyways, i've used NBU for 5 years now and what i can say is the GUI is mostly u...

manatee by Level 6
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Thoughts and takeaways from Vision 2017

Wow. The second Veritas Vision conference is over. And what a week it was. Press conferences, technology announcements, great keynotes, surprising demos, valuable breakout sessions, and a list of sponsors that any conference would be lucky to have. T...

Backup in tapes

I can help explain how to create a backup in tapes, since I can not understand how to send the backup to a specific tape of several tapes that I have in the library??

Samuel1 by Level 1
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Catalog Fail get status 2520

Hello,We have the problem of catalog, which at the beginning fails me with error 2520. At the moment I have not made any resolution.Job detail:07/02/2017 14:10:04 - Info nbjm (pid=53420) starting backup job (jobid=1048379) for client g300603cl005, po...

Enterprise Vault SMTP Target Adresses

Hello ,I'am new in Entreprise Vault 12 and i installed and configured .our goal is to Archive our all SMTP Emails .i add my Exchange server to the autorized servers to EV .I create the archive Folder and then i would to add the target adress .i'm con...

ps2ali by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU wishlist

don't see where to so i'll leave this here:make all admin commands to work with GUI. for example, to move a duplication job to another STU, it would be better if admins can do it with a right-click, move to..generally, make ALL admin work/commands wo...

manatee by Level 6
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About license compatibility

Hi all,Im gonna asking about licensing.I install sf 6.2 and i have license infoscale 7.0.Is that license infoscale 7.0 compatibel with sf 6.2?

dh3kan by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resizing a volume in a RDS

Hi guys.I have a global cluster formed by 1 + 1 hosts in a RDS environment.I would like to expand a volume/file system in every system, so I would like to check the correct procedure.- stop the application - split the HA - execute the command for eve...

tgenova by Level 4
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How to calculate SPVUs associated with a given license?

I understand how to calculate SPVUs from the below SORT link. If I were to figure out how many SPVUs are associated with a given license then how can I find that out. I am aware that Veritas has an internal licens...

Dev_Roy by Level 6
Accredited Certified
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Excel Attachment Processing

I am a new user and am having this problem.  When an email with an attachment is being exported, the email is converted to HTML but any attachment (in this case Excel) is not being converted. 

MarcLo by Not applicable
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On server 2012 r2 services stopped problem

Hello to everyone. My operating system is server 2012 r2 and worked with a domain I am Installed Symantec Backup exec 15  After system restarting. my system software open with 4 services stopped error ..  - Backup Exec MAnagement Service - Backu...

Zeiss by Not applicable
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