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certification material questions...

hello All -
Are there any books that i can buy for the symantec exams such as: the new backup exam for be 12? I checked the price lists and at 3500 for the instructor or the virutal classes, its simply out of my range.
all of my certifications have come from self study and (many many many) hours in the lab and on the job.
Any advice?
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Re: certification material questions...

Hi Robert,
Symantec does not sell any self study books.  Rather, we encourage candidate's to take the training; however, as you listed, it's out of your price range.  I'd like to encourage you to check out the exam details page at the following link:
Stay tuned to the link above, as early next week we will publish a study guide that maps the exam objectives to the course lessons and topics.
Also, since you mentioned below that you have several hours of lab experience, you can rest assured that we recommend a minimum of 6 months field experience to help in passing the exam.  This exam was developed with a good portion of real world scenario questions that aren't covered in the course materials. Instead, the real world scenario questions are based on field application using the product, as well as the product documentation.  Therefore, you might have a real good shot at passing based on experience.  Nonetheless, I would also encourage you to look into other areas of self study listed on the Web page from the link above.  There you will find links to helpful websites and our new Symantec Backup Exec Tech Center Modules.
I hope this helps.

Re: certification material questions...

Hi robert,


im writing in 3 days how did you find the exam, did you manage to pass, and were the scenarios more real world or was the material ok.



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It is available on Symantec

It is available on Symantec partnernet web site

Administration guide will

Administration guide will best solution for the certification. i cleared it by reading and implimenting it.

you can check this site out

you can check this site out

Good site XIAN. Thanks for

Good site XIAN. Thanks for this. Iwas lokking somethig similar

hey and where to get this

hey and where to get this guide from can u help me out?