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I've been hit by a malicious malware (fake or not - it's in my registry looking right back at me!) called  I don't know what the source was.  It's infected my registry on 2 laptops.  You can read about what it does from what others have written in the Forum

By that Forum discussion, this is a weeks old problem and it has been completely ignored by Symantic - for some reason (economy? cutbacks? what?).  This is a Symantic problem, because the malware even has pop-ups that use both Norton 360 trademarks and Microsoft Explorer trademarks.  (Symantic, doesn't that offend you?  You should be all over this, defending yourself and your customers!)  What I don't get, is the only way to get rid of this is to buy somebody else's product to repair an attack on Symantic customers!!!!
Wow - Norton!!!!!!!  This isn't right!!  Fix This!!!! 

Weird also is the fact that I found the above discussion thread by Googling - but Symantic does not let you find the discussion anywhere in its forums, not even by typng it in "All Contents".  You can't find it I had to cut and paste it off my browser address to post the discussion here.  Like they censored it.  So, there it is. I don;t have to repaet what this does.

Sadly, I even called Symantic tech support yesterday to ask how to fix it, and the employee didn't know anything about it.  She couldn't find the name anywhere.  All she could do was repeat all my words back to me.  It's was surreal.  Pretty soon, I interupted her and said, "You must have been trained that when you don't have a solution for a customer, just keep repeating back what the customer says".  In hynotherapy training they call that rapport.  It's supposed to make the client feel you are "connected".  Her only solution offered was pay Norton $90 to clean my registry files by hand.  I told her I had already paid for protection and repairs when I bought their product.  I asked her how this was going to protect me from it happening again, when Norton 360 should be screening a weeks-old problem!!  She didn't really care just repeated my words back, "You said (my sentence)".  I told her that if she repeated back what I said one more time without offering me a solution, I was going to hang up.  She repeated what I said and I said "good-bye".

Norton, can you tell me if I should be feeling really "gyped" right now?  I have to buy another company's product to remove a malware that attacks Norton 360 systems???

I hope you have the courage to reply.


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I not sure if I get your point. But normally when you get advertise for another anti-virus product it not because of norton. It the virus who want you to buy this product probably because the guy get a % of the sale or something.

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These are the activities of ADwares/Malware and spyware. U should never fall in their Trap.