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help with Norton Systemworks premier 12.0.. strange problem. .. with only UTILITIES installed. ONE of my games freezes now.

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Hi all


Looking to get some help here or if anyone else has had problems. I just installed Systemworks premier 12.0 the other day and it is only ONE of my PC games I play.  (Madden NFL 2008) that I am unable to play. Now I have not installed the antivirus part of system works yet. ONLY the Norton Utilities.. .. and with only the utilities installed. When I go to run my Madden game. It just stops.. it starts loading and then just never finishes. And so far it’s the ONLY game I play that this happens on. None of the others seem to have any issues. Has anyone else experienced this and if so. how do I fix it. I mean I have no idea what happened. the Madden Game worked Before the install and immediately after it stopped. It will log into to the logo screen for EA games and then the next screen where it starts to load. It just freezes.  ..


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Hello, Please post Norton issues on the Norton Community site. This forum is for Enterprise customer issues.