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improvements on NBU

there really should be feedback forum (like they have with Windows 10) for the product. referring us back to our local supplier/vendor is no help because they don't care.

anyways, i've used NBU for 5 years now and what i can say is the GUI is mostly useless when it comes to administration. a lot of things are done via CLI and for most admins nowadays that is difficult to learn. so please make the GUI more useful in terms of NBU administration. give admins the option to use CLI or GUI where both have same power.

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Re: improvements on NBU

The process for feature enhancement requests is different in Veritas world.

You need to get hold of your local SE.
They then submit the enhancement requests to Product Management.

Please see this response from PM Alain Pelegrin:

PS: Veritas Product Managers hardly ever visit the General Veritas forum. Only Forum Admins and a handful of us 'old-timers' . Smiley Wink

To get back to your GUI problems - you may be glad to know that the developers are working on a totally new web-based GUI. 


Re: improvements on NBU