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norton antivirus

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How do you get rid of norton anitvirus, it is a virus unto itself. everytime I have to update it, it is at a most inopportune time, and then it takes soooo lonnnng to download. I don't mind buying a new laptop every once in awhile and I can't seem to find anyway to completely remove this particular virus from my laptop. It is usless having it installed if it is going to updating a few hours every day and night. This is total craziness and worthlessness!!!


Level 6

Are trying to remove the AV product or an infection? If you are talking about the removal of Norton, I have a few questions. What version of Norton are you using? What is your OS? Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? Are you running more than one security product on this system?

One other thing to note, Norton has a community just for users of Norton products. In the future you should post there, as this forum is for Enterprise product support.