problem after installing update in symantec corporate edition


I've been faced problem in some of my computers (which the symantec corporate edition has been installed) after installing inteligent updater.

the problem is disturbance in OS (for example : corrupting desktop which the user can't access to his account in computer or corrupting Graphical features.

I don't know what happened , because I've been using Symantec corporate edition im my company for a while and don't know why my PentiumIII and PentiumIV faced these problema just after installing updates.

Awaiting for every help.

thank you

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problem after installing update in symantec corporate edition


You can remove the udpates by deleting the virus definitions inside the definations folder

does the issue disapper after clearing the definition?

problem not solved


thank you for your solution. but if I clear the definition update ,my antivirus will be useless.

so I need a solution which help me to have an antivirus , its definitions update and the computer with none of disturbance.

can you help me?

There should be something

There should be something showing up in the Windows Event viewer. Please tell us what errors are being generated. What version of SAV are you running?

version of SAV


I installed symantec corporate edition in a few of my PentiumIII and PentiumIV.

is information helpful?



do you any events in the eventviewer ?

after the virus definition was updated you can then check the windows event  which caused the problem.

Can you be more specific on

Can you be more specific on your version used?




SAV version


I've installed symantec corporate edition (version7) on my few PCs. I think this is the result of disturbance because the intelligent updater is belong to SAV version10 and ...

can you help to get intelligent updater for SAV version7 because my PCs are pentium 2 and 3 with 256 MB of Ram. what should I do?

awaiting for any comments and help.

Where did you get that

Where did you get that version? It is over 10 years old and has not been supported for many years. I hope your systems are not running 10 year old Operating Systems. Definitions and updates for SAV 7 no longer exist, you are going to have to upgrade to a new product to protect your systems

Symantec offers two great products with AV. Depending on your business needs, you should look into SEP12 for small business and SEP11 for larger networks.

I would suggest you to

I would suggest you to install SEP 12 on them..just antivirus and Antispyware.

sav for pentiumIII


thank you so much.Iwill check and back to you.

hi, thank you for your


thank you for your comments. but when I tried to install sep 12 on my pentiumIII with 256 MB Ram and 500 MHZcpu , it asked me for at least 1 GB of Ram and ... so it didn't work for me. can you give me advise for an antivirus for PentiumII and pentiumIII with 256 MB of Ram and 500 MHZ cpu.

You really should consider

You really should consider upgrading your hardware. SEP is not going to run on this system.

1-GHz Intel Pentium III processor or compatible architecture minimum (32-bit) (Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent recommended)