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ı cant login symantec.partnernet I write my username and password and then the error is "Your login credentials indicate you are not yet authorized to access PartnerNet. Please contact your relevant “Regional Email Address” noted on this page." can you help me ? Do you know what is the problem and solution?
thank you very much for solutions..
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PartnerNet Login Issues

Why don't you send an email to:  They should be able to help in this situation.


Online Community Manager

partnernet login

I sent mail but they havent answered me yet. So ı am just wait.

thanks a lot..

PartnerNet Login Issues, Maybe this will help

I've been able to do a little digging and here's what I have come up with:

You may be attempting to login with an incorrect password, or you may not have a PartnerNet account, or your company isn’t a Symantec Partner Program member. You can either click on the “Forgot password” link found at, you can speak with the person who is designated as the primary contact for your PartnerNet account (if your company is enrolled) or you can contact and we will research and either reset your password, add you to PartnerNet, or tell you where to you can fill out an application for their company to be enrolled in the Partner Program.

Hope this helps