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Can I replicate VM Nutanix over VM Vmware with Infoscale 7.4?

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Hi friends, 

I'd like to know I can replicate VM Nutanix over VM Vmware with Infoscale 7.4.

Today I have services over VM Nutanix (Acropolis) and I need to do HA between Nutanix and VMWARE Esx. It's possible?  



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Infoscale is installed inside the guest, i.e linux or windows os running in the VM hosted on the hypervisor. It does not know that it's a VM and acts the same no matter where you host it. You can therefore use infoscale in the VM between any hyervisor as long as the normal operations can occur e.g. LLT works, the Disks can be accessed from failover nodes. If you're using replication, then it's even less relevant. The only thing that you might be limited with is the use of resources such VmwareDisks agent as it would be dependent on vcenter.

so you can use it between Vmware, nutanix, azure, hyperv, etc. As long as you give it the basic requirements it need, as if it was running in a normal environment.