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Failed to create Veritas Cluster

Level 0

I have installed the Veritas Infoscale 2019 on my DB nodes. Also, the Disk Groups and Volumes have been set up using VEA. While trying to create a veritas cluster using the Veritas Cluster Wizard, It fails to configure the cluster with the error message: (Public and Heartbeat network cards are selected)
Failed to start the cluster. Error=FFFFFFFF. Failed to start services on all nodes.

While deleting this cluster, it fails with the message: Unable to stop gab service.

I have installed Veritas on several other env and one thing I noticed is the ports 14141 and 14150 are enabled. While my faulty env doesn't have these ports created. I never had to manually create these ports on my working setup. Could you please guide me on what the issue might be? And Also If someone can tell if those ports are being added by the cluster creation wizard?