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How to build Hyper-V Cluster?

Level 1

Hi all,

anybody here who can explain how to setup SAN block storage with InfoScale (VEA) to build a Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster based on Windows Server 2016?


Getting SAN storage from two EMC Unity connect to my servers via FC. Windows MPIO is installed and configured.

Windows Server 2016 failoverclustering feature is installed on two servers.

I can see the SAN Disks in VEA on both servers.


How to configure the SAN disks according diskgroups and volumes in VEA to work properly in MS failoverclustering?

Do I have to create one volume in VEA for each Hyper-V VM? Or how does it work if I want to move single VMs to other cluster nodes?

How to assign the diskgroups/volumes in my MS cluster?

I read the "Storage Foundation 7.3.1 Administrator's Guide -Windows " but it doesn't answer my questions. :\

Maybe there is a whitepaper that may help?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,




Level 3

Hi Andiko,

You need to follow chapter 14 in this guide:

It covers how to configure Cluster Volume Manager with Microsoft Failover Cluster.  This allows InfoScale to failover between cluster nodes at the volume level.  If you limit yourself to one VM per volume, then you will be able to failover one VM at a time in Windows Failover Cluster.

Thank you,