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InfoScale cluster across both RHEL6 & RHEL7 OS

Level 2


Is it possible for an InfoScale cluster to have nodes running both RHEL6 & RHEL7 for the duration of a migration activity.

Existing cluster has 2 x RHEL6 nodes.  Would like to extend it with 2 x RHEL7 nodes,  and then drop the RHEL6 nodes - but this means there may be a short duration while there is a mixed OS in place.

Any advice... thanks.


Level 4

Is it possible to log a case with support for this ?

Ideally, there will not be an issue of mixed OS however it really depends on the product configured. e.g If you are using SFRAC component of Infoscale, then you can not have mixed OS versions. etc..

Hope this helps.


Level 6

Thank you for identifying an opportunity for Veritas support to assist, @bhoms – this is appreciated! Following up on this Discussion thread – @cmcbugg, have you been able to identify a solution to the issue?

If not, I'd like to help you seek an answer through my internal partners at Veritas.

Kindly – Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager

Hi.  Yes, my collegue has logged a call with Veritas support and is discussing the process.  Thanks for the reply.  Regards.