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Infoscale 7.4.2 VRTSvxvm failed to install

Level 3

During installation of 7.4.2 on RHEL 8 the installer wrongly reports that VRTSvxvm failed to install.

The installer is patched with

Is there a hotfix available or any other workaround to have the installation correctly reported as this gives us some headache during automation in Ansible?


Level 3

Hi ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I will need more information to dig into the root cause about this issue. 

Few questions:

1- You mentioned Ansible here. Your failure was while using Veritas provided Ansible module or you are automating in some other way mixing CPI and Ansible?

2- You mentioned CPI patch here, issue occurred while using CPI or Veritas provided Ansible module?

3- Please provide the respective logs and steps to reproduce. 


Is it possible to open support case where all the information can be logged?