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Infoscale for Solaris 11.x - still LNX/Solx86 or now considered UNIX?

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Are the Infoscale 7.x licenses for Solaris 11.x x86 (not SPARC) still considered LNX licenses for licensing purposes or are they considered full UNIX?



There are differenct types of licenses. 

Most of the licenses have the bit for platform turned on.  That is the key is for a specific platform like Solaris, AIX, HP/UX or Linux.


Furthermore, some keys have the node lock bit turned on therefore the key can only be used on a paticula system.

there is also a sitye license type.  With a site license, all systems on this site are "licensed".

Please be advised that from 7.4 onwards, Veritas product license format has been changed.  Please ref to 7.4 release notes for the new license info.


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Please note that Infoscale Foundation and Infoscale Storage is no longer supported on Solaris X86. 
Only Infoscale Availability (VCS) is supported on this OS.

Please see the Solaris SCL over here: