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Patching the infoscale installer

Level 3

Quick question:

Do I have to run the installer -require path_to_cpi-patch every time I run the installer or is the patch permantly applied to the installer.

The documentation unfortunantly leaves this question unanswered.

Thanks for your anser


Level 3

Hi , 

If system is open to internet and can connect to Veritas SORT page, installer script will automatically download the latest patch. In that case no need to apply CPI patch.

It is recommended to use latest installer CPI patch always for any deployment operation to include fixes released after the particular Infoscale release. So using -require option with latest CPI patch is a need to avoid any failure for deployment operation for which already a fix has been released. 

To avoid using -require option, you may want to download CPI patch from SORT/Downloadcenter and copy it in the below file name format under "/opt/VRTS/install/.cpihotfix" directory:

<Infoscale version>_<PLATFORM>.pl 

i.e. Infoscale version 7.4.1 on RHEL7 file name should be like ""

Please let me know if that does not work for you.