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Require Infoscale Enterprise 7.2 installation and configuration on RHEL7.3 step by step guide.

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Hi Everyone,

I have to Implement Infoscale Enterprise 7.2 on Client Enviorment, before doing implement i have to test this on my UAT server, let me tell you one thing i am not aware with infoscale on Linux, can somebody help me to configure infoscale enterprise 7.2 on RHEL 7.3 or can veritas support team help me to configure infoscale enterprise 7.2 on RHEL 7.3?. i have already read all Veritas installtion configuration guide but im getting confused, i want to understand all concept before implement.

Please help.



Pravin Goud

Sr.Technical Support Engineer  


Level 3

Hi Pravin,

Have you used/configure InfoScale on non-linux platform? The install/config procecure is same.

You can use CPI installer to install and configure the procut.




you sould be able to install and configure it yourself.

first organise a product license key.  Once you have got the key, download the software.  you can call veritas support and ask to be connected to CustomerCare, a team responsible for software distribution.

there is a product installer which is a menu driven utility.  run it with "-precheck"  which checks to see if the system(s0 is/are ready for the product and it will show you the problem identified, like miminum OS patch level required, storage and memory required, NIC required etc.  once passed -precheck run installer again and follow the prompts to install the software.  if you do not have a license yet, you can still install it in keyless mode annd enter a key later (in 30 days).

If you do not feel comfortable installing it yourself, call Veritas support to open a ticket and schedule a time for a support engineer to walk you through installation on line (via webex).


Thanks for the reply.
i already installed infoscale enteprise 7.2 on RHEL 7.3
but im confused what should i configure first i mean there is 4 components in infoscale enterprise, and i want to test with VCS and storage so what should i configure first.  
Please help me im totally confused if you have proper guide please attache or PM me shared link.
Pravin Goud

Hi Sumit,

Thank you so much for the reply,

Can you brief the details about CPI installer im not aware of that never use before

actually  im first time configuring infoscale enterprise with VCS and Storage Component on RHEL (Linux) enviourment so i need more help to understand.



Pravin Goud


So you are new to Infoscale.


Basically there are 3 parts you need to configure

1. VxVM/VxFS  - these are shared storage SAN and file systems related

2. VCS - HA for your application.  Need to have a general knowledge of GAB/LLT, heartbeat, private network and two dedicated NICs for LLT etc

3. applications to be protected by HA (like a web app, a database, a user application etc)

You need to follow the admin guides to confiture them up/  Its not a simple procedure can be covered in a short node/

Hi frankgfan,

Yes im new to infoscale,

I am following admin guys but **bleep** confused
Between 2 node where should i configure first?
And what would be my first step for installation and configuration.

Below is my configuration

Storage im using iscsi on esxi vmware
I have 2 fresh node with RHEL7. 2 os installed
Cpu 16core for Both VM
500GB disk for Both VM
32GB RAM for Both VM

Pravin Goud


Hello Pravin,

Since you are now very familiar with InfoScale, you may want to do the followings to start with.

1. have a clear picture in mind what are the applications (Oracle or Sybase data base? A web app? a user app? etc) to be placed under VCS HA?

2. how much share storage/how amy file systems are needed?

3. have you got private network for VCS ready?

4. what is the application IO characetristics and how the storage sub-system should be configured for optimal app (I/O) performance?

5. check InfoScale Enterprise Installation guide to know if your two systems meet the system requirements

6. open a support case with Veritas support and schedule a time to do a live call with a webex session so that a TSE can help you not only to do installation but also guide you to configure it.

Good luck