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SORT 4.6 Release Available at

Level 3

SORT delivered a release with the following features and enhancements to have in-time support for NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances, InfoScale, Resiliency Platform, Data Insight, HyperScale and CloudPoint. 


  • Enhanced SORT Documents to view and find documents for 
    • NetBackup,
    • NetBackup Appliances
    • Resiliency Platform/CloudMobility
  • The documents for NetBackup Appliances can be filtered by hardware models.
  • Showed CloudPoint on SORT Land page ( to help understand how to take advantage of SORT.

Veritas InfoScale Solutions 7.3.1:

Data Insight 6.1:

Resiliency Platform/CloudMobility 3.0:

HyperScale for OpenStack 1.1:

CloudPoint 1.0.2, HyperScale for Container 1.5, CloudStorage 1.0

NetBackup Solutions:

To improve our tools and services on SORT, you're invited to take 3 minutes for a survey of SORT at SurveyMonkey link SORT Feedback - Dec 2017

Your feedback is important for us! Thank you.


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I realize this post is quite old, but I'm hoping that you may be able to assist.

This FUTUREPLANS page has not been updated in 18 months!

There have been requests in this forum regarding support for Solaris 11.4. 
The logical place to look would previously be the futureplans page... 

Has this page been abandoned?