EV Customer Webcast - Invitation

Link: https://symantecevents.verite.com/19335/106276

Hear Enterprise Vault Customers Share Their Experiences with Archiving and E-Discovery

Considering an archiving deployment, but want to hear how other organizations have benefited before you decide?  Archiving is both a strategic and a tactical initiative– it impacts business goals and technical operations. 

Join our webcast to hear Sergio Fedelini, Assistant Vice President of IT from Mediterranean Shipping and Gregg Davis, Senior Vice President and CIO from Webcor Builders discuss their usage across Exchange and SharePoint archiving and benefits of Discovery Accelerator for search, analysis and legal holds.  Learn how:

Mediterranean Shipping

·         Avoided a storage expenditure of $50,000 in the first 6 months of archiving

·         Chose to move from EMC EmailXtender to Enterprise Vault

·         Reclaimed 50% of primary SharePoint storage

Webcor Builders

·         Achieved a 10 month payback period and reduced email costs by 25%

·         Paid for Discovery Accelerator the first time they used it

·         Archived PSTs and keeps their Exchange Server under the recommended 50% disk usage level

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Hello Alex,

Will this webcast be posted to be viewed 'offline'?

It might prove valuable for a customer considering buying EV.