Enterprise Vault 11 is now available...

The Enterprise Vault team is excited to announce the general availability of Symantec Enterprise Vault™ 11. You can download the bits from Symantec File Connect here (https://fileconnect.symantec.com).

This highly anticipated release super charges Enterprise Vault, making it bigger, faster and better than ever before:

  • Bigger platform support - Introduction of a powerful IMAP capability to offer support for end user archiving from any email platform
  • Faster archive access - A new, modern end user search interface coupled with archive access via IMAP makes access to archived items easier than ever
  • Faster archive performance - Up to 20% faster archiving rates and up to 18x faster browsing of the archive via Fast Browse
  • Better control and manageability - More powerful PST Migration capabilities, including migration status dashboard, as well as Monitoring and Alerting enhancements via SCOM

Here's a run through some of the major enhancements in Enterprise Vault 11:

Mail Connect

Mail Connect provides the ability to access an archive via an IMAP compatible client from platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It opens up direct access to the user archive from an array of different clients and will be especially useful if you have Mac email clients or are moving your email services to the cloud, but want to retain your Enterprise Vault data on premise. Customers can now deploy Enterprise Vault email archiving within any email server environment, taking advantage of users driving the action of archiving.

Enterprise Vault Search

The all new Enterprise Vault Search is a modern and familiar end-user UI that provides a rich, cross-browser search experience. It unifies and replaces the existing features of Archive Explorer, Integrated Search and Browser Search. End users will find archived information quicker and easier than ever.

Fast Browse

Fast Browse-enabled archives can list the contents of an archived folder up to 18x faster than previously possible. This performance improvement is particularly noticeable when used in conjunction with Mail Connect or Enterprise Vault Search. 

PST Migration Enhancements

Enterprise Vault’s PST migration capabilities have been enhanced to improve the workflow around enablement, monitoring and processing. New capabilities enable administrators to filter and sort PST information in the Enterprise Vault administration console and group PST files or computers for processing in batches. Six new dashboards have been added to provide live migration status and reporting. Additionally, Enterprise Vault can now be configured to migrate password protected PST files without needing to know the password.

Enhanced SCOM Monitoring

The Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) pack has been enhanced with improved daily monitoring of key Enterprise Vault resources, which helps provide a status and identify issues or failures in the Enterprise Vault environment as quickly as possible. The new features help reduce the time spent performing daily operational/monitoring tasks for Enterprise Vault, Backup and Storage Administrators.

Storage Safety Queue

Exchange mailbox customers can now benefit from instant quota relief. Using the Safety Copy feature, you can configure vault stores so that Enterprise Vault keeps safety copies in its own internal storage queue. This means that Enterprise Vault can remove items from original locations as soon as they have been archived, independently of whether backups have been completed, while retaining data redundancy. The safety copy is safely removed from the storage queue once backed up or replicated, so time is saved in freeing up space on the original server and more importantly, space is immediately returned to the user’s mailbox so they can continue to work without interruption.


If you want read more about Enterprise Vault 11 then check out the links below:

Enterprise Vault 11 product documentation (http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC6634)

Enterprise Vault 11 feature briefings (http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC7151)

Benefits of upgrading to Enterprise Vault 11 (http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC7164)

Enterprise Vault IMAP Best Practices Whitepaper (www.symantec.com/docs/DOC7122)

Enterprise Vault PST Migration Whitepaper (www.symantec.com/docs/DOC6625)

Enterprise Vault compatibility guide (http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH38537)

Enterprise Vault 11 performance guide (http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH125795)

Why Upgrade to Enterprise Vault 11 page (http://go.symantec.com/upgrade-ev)




Cool, I wonder if I can directly upgrdae from EV 9.0.4 into EV 11 ? would that be posible ?

and last thing... does it supports Exchange Server 2013 SP1

You can only upgrade from EV 10.x to EV 11

Refer to http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH53174

EV 11 does support Exchange 2013 SP1 refer to Pg#37 of the compatibility chart


oh cr*p so the plan is to migrate from EV 9 to EV 10 in another VM and then can I perform inline upgrade after that ?

Yes, that is how you would need to approach that..

John, if your current EV 9 is on 32 bit hardware, you also need to upgrade your hardware to 64 bit platform.




Was there any technote/article I can refer to when upgrading EV10.XX to EV 11? any do's and dont?


Or is it a straight forward upgrade?




There is an Upgrade.pdf\htm included with the installation media.  You will want to give that and the Release notes a good read.

Thanks Tony. Will check that out.


I want to upgrade my EV-9 to EV-11.

I am planning for hardware refresh as well.

From physical server to IBM pure flex (virtual server--WIN2012)

Please let me know the following concerns:-

1.  Can I install EV 11 in IBM machine ( new machine with 2012) and then copy the PST from EV-9 to EV11


2. DO I have to upgrade EV-9 to EV-10 then EV-11

3. How Much Downtime is  required ?


Kindly help.



Good Day All,


I have a few questions:


1.  I see Outlook 2003 SP3 is supported with Exchange 2007 and above and we are on Exchange 2010 SP3 so we are good.  If you are using Outlook 2003 SP3 which Outlook plugin client should you use with which version of IE?

2. How far back is the Outlook going to work?  Can you use a 9 client or does it have to be 10.X and above?

3.  Do all the Indexes need to be at 64bit?  I have upgraded all 17,000 plus index but I have three that won't upgrade and support was unable to determine why.

4. How are the OWA extensions compared to the current ones for EV 10.X and do you need to upgrade the OWA extension and the same time as 11.0 or are they 10.X compatable?

5. We are at version 10.0.4 Hotfix on a Windows 2008R2.  Would there be any benifit moving to Windows 2012?

6. We are also at SQL 2008R2 would there be any benifit moving to SQL 2012?

7.  Which is the best way to configure a DR solution for EV between Data Center?  Would you use VCS in comjunction with SQL 2012 always on?

I know that those a a lot of questions and I am not looking for anything written in stone but just your thoughts.




Hi Sachit,


Please see the following technote for the supported upgrade path:


You have to upgrade from 9 -=> 10 => 11.  If you are on 32 bit, you have to refresh your hardware and get on  64 bit hardware first on EV9.  

In order to minimize long downtime, please do not perform all upgrade at once.

Good luck with your upgrade.  


Hi Aziz,


We are going for new hardware.

Can I install Ev-11 directly on that and then migrate the PST directly from 9.

All I want to do is new EV with New hardware, with old data.

** Can PST of EV-9 Migrated to EV-11 directly




If you are going for new hardware, follow these steps:

  1. Install EV 10 software on new hardware, do not configure EV
  2. Use ServerMigration utility to move EV to new hardware
  3. Upgrade EV10 to EV11 on new hardware.
  4. You have to make sure all the storage and index data is available to new hardware, you can use robocopy to achieve this if storage is locally attached. 

Please review the following technote:





Can Backup Exec 2014 back up Enterprise Vault 11?

- What about Mobile Search (this was in 10.x), but seems to be missing in 11.X?

- When is Netbackup going to Support this? It is not supported in the release which was shortly after this announcement.


Yes, Backup Exec 2014, GA on 6/2/2014 will have support of backing up Enterprise Vault 11.

What are the options of upgrading the underlying Operating System? Is there any upgrade path from EV 10.0.4 on Windows Server 2008 R2 to EV 11 on Windows Server 2012 R2, without moving to new hardware?

Sachit, do you mean migrating the EV exported from EV 9 into the EV11 partition ?

Does anyone know the timeline for adding SQL 2014 support?

Hi Stephan,

Please let us know here if you've successfully upgraded EV 10 into v11, because I'm curious to know.

FYI: I can't do inline upgrade of EV 9 to v10

In reading the compatibility guide it is not clear to me if on a Mac with OS/X that I can use the EV11 client with a EV 10.0.X server.  Or for that matter if I can use the EV11 client with the older servers.

Does anyone know or has anyone tested this?

Thank you in advance.


Does anyone knows when will NetBackup (7.6) will support EV 11 ?

I was hopping that NB will include this feature ...



The new client along with EV 11.0.1 is works fine with OS/X ( including the latest Yosmite 10.10.1) in Outlook 2011. Our EV servers are still 10.0.X. 

Thank you for the update...  Many times the client will work with older versions of EV so you can upgrade all your cleints before you upgrade the servers.  Have you tested to see if will work with your EV 10 servers/version?

If so please update us and it would be greatly appricated...





Yes. We have  EV servers with Ver 10.0.1316  and I tested the new client 11.0.1 in couple of clients with Outlook in MAC ( OS X10.10.1 )  and Windows 7/8/8.1 Machines. All the functions working fine.

We have tested on Yosemite and Windows 7,8.1... Finally a Yosemite client.... Thanks...


I was wondering whether 11.x finalley offers a possibilty to access archived emails from an iOS device.

Any news on that ? Thanks & KR Stefan


Refer to Chapter#10 of EV Compatibility Chart


GR8 and MANY THANKS ! But there is no app like commondesk offers or ? KR stefan


EV 11.01 for Yosemite breaks with Microsoft Office 2016 is there a new version to fix this or is there an ETA?


Hi UniMIS, suggest you try the 11.0.1 CHF3 Mac client, that's where we've added support for Office for Mac 2016: https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH232083.html