Enterprise Vault.cloud Spring 2019 – Bloomberg Archiving is Here!

I’m very excited to announce that the Spring 2019 release for Enterprise Vault.cloud (EV.cloud) is now rolling out across Veritas’ global data centers. This release delivers secure capture, indexing and archival of Instant Bloomberg and Bloomberg messages for customers in the financial services industry using a Bloomberg Terminal.

Once purchased, the Bloomberg archiving service can quickly be setup within Enterprise Vault.cloud by a designated administrator. Once configured, Enterprise Vault.cloud instantly begins capturing Bloomberg messages. Upon capture, these messages are indexed and made available for search using Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud or Enterprise Vault Discovery.cloud. In addition, archived Bloomberg messages can be classified using Veritas Information Classifier.

A newly-created Bloomberg history panel contains a summary of the most recent changes and logs the following details:

  • Creation details for the Bloomberg configuration
  • Changes to Bloomberg settings
  • Changes to the encryption key and more

With the introduction of Bloomberg archiving, Enterprise Vault.cloud now has the ability to capture and archive 40+ different content sources.

Bloomberg archiving is available to existing and new Enterprise Vault.cloud customers for an additional charge. Please contact your Veritas partner or sales representative today for more information.