Enterprise Vault.cloud Summer 2019 – Discovery Archive Enhancements

I’m very excited to announce that the Summer 2019 release for Enterprise Vault.cloud (EV.cloud) has started rolling out across Veritas’ global data centers during regularly-planned maintenance windows. Rollout was completed to our Asia Pacific and European data centers this past weekend. The rollout to our North American data centers is scheduled for this Friday.

This goal of this release is to further reduce discovery administrator review time. It focuses on usability enhancements to Discovery Archive in 3 key areas – user experience, search and exports.

What’s new:

User Experience

Custom pagination and enhanced navigation help to reduce review time for busy discovery administrators.

User experience image.jpgIn the screenshot above, custom pagination options expedite review.


Enhancements to Discovery Archive’s powerful capabilities make discovery searches even more efficient. Plus, new reporting capabilities allow administrators to report at both a Matter and Investigation level.

Search image 1.jpgIn the screenshot above, users can add and view a large number of advanced search criteria.


Search image 2.jpgIn the screenshot above, administrators can add complex search terms as a single-line query.


Discovery administrators now have the ability to self-service cancel export jobs they no longer need to run.

 More information

For additional information on this release, please check out the release notes at http://evcnews.veritas.com.

Thank you,

Amy Dugdale