Enterprise Vault.cloud Winter 2019 Release – Usability Enhancements are Here!

I’m very excited to announce the Winter 2019 release for Enterprise Vault.cloud (EV.cloud). This release delivers enhanced usability to you, our archive administrators. Once deployed in your data center (see currently-scheduled release dates below), you will have access to more tools for monitoring product usage, including expanded reporting, analytics and alerting options.

The Winter release will be rolled out across Veritas’ global data centers over the next several weeks during regularly-planned maintenance windows, with customers being notified in advance that the service will not be available during this time.

We completed the rollout to a select number of North American customers on March 6 and to our customers in our Eastern Australia data center on March 8. The release schedule planned for our remaining data centers is as follows (dates subject to change):

  • March 15, 2019: Western European data center
  • March 29, 2019: Western United States data center

What’s new:

Enhanced visibility into product usage and sync activity

Designated administrators will notice a new tabbed layout with an updated welcome and Archive Overview page when they log into the Administration console. The previous archive usage snapshot is still available by scrolling down on the Archive Usage page.01_Archive Overview_Archive Usage_blog.pngIn the screenshot above, new meters indicate actual usage vs. the currently-licensed amount based on which EV.cloud services your organization has provisioned.

3_O365_Report_and_Export_Options_blog.jpgIn the screenshot above, you can see the latest status of the archive mailbox Sync with Microsoft Office 365 and export a sync report in the format of your choice. This same enhancement is available for organizations using CloudLink to sync their on-premise mail server with EV.cloud.

Click-to-acknowledge in-product usage alerts

Enterprise Vault.cloud offers you the flexibility of adding users as needed, even if you have to go above your currently licensed amount. You can always enable usage alert notifications, which will automatically send an email to you when you reach your specified user threshold. Now, if you are near or over your currently licensed amount, a screen will pop up when you login to the Administration console asking you to acknowledge that you are aware your usage is above your currently licensed amount. Designated administrators will also receive an email notification asking them to login to the Administration console and acknowledge their usage.Acknowledge screen_blog.jpgIn the screenshot above, you can see the new dialog box that will appear when your organization is near or over your currently licensed amount.

Now, we have an ask of you

This release includes the addition of a new window where you can add and edit contact details for your main administrator and billing/finance contacts. Please take a moment to login to your administration console, click on Account Management and confirm we have the correct contact information for you. This information will only be used in order to reach you with EV.cloud-related technical announcements.1_Contact_Details_During_blog.jpgThe screenshot above shows the new contact details section in the Administration console.

Wait – there’s more! Updated platform support

As part of the March release, we are also excited to announce support for Microsoft Outlook 2019, Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) 4.0 and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For more information, please consult the updated compatibility list.

Thank you,

Amy Dugdale

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