Information Map - One tool for all your visualization needs

We want Information Map to be the one tool you use to visualize and analyze your information. Information that exists on-premises and in your multiple clouds. And information that is both structured and unstructured. There’s a huge amount of information in NetBackup we have been helping you analyze since Information Map launched. But whilst a significant amount of information is protected by NetBackup, there is much that exists outside of NetBackup. 

I’m delighted to announce the launch of 22 new connectors for Information Map that dramatically expands the breadth of information you can now analyze within Information Map, both on-premises and in the cloud. Connectors now exist for:

  • Cloud Data Stores:
    • Amazon S3 (previously announced)
    • Box for Enterprise
    • Generic S3
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Google Drive
    • GMail
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Azure Blob
    • Microsoft Azure SQL
    • Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • On-Premises Data Stores:
    • IBM FileNet
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle Database
    • Network Attached Storage (EMC Celerra / VNX, EMC Isilon, Hitachi NAS, NetApp C-Mode, NetApp7-Mode)
    • OpenText Documentum
    • OpenText LiveLink
    • Windows File Server
    • Veritas File Server

data stores.PNG

In addition to supporting NetBackup, Backup Exec is now integrated with Information Map for quick and efficient collection of metadata from any BE v20 server. A compatibility list exists with exact version information of content sources supported.

The Veritas Connection Center (VCC) is a newly delivered, common configuration and data store management portal. It serves as the single administration console to securely configure and manage all new connectors. The flexible framework allows for automatic updates to ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date connectors as well as allowing easy deliver of future enhancements and new connectors.

Underneath the covers is the Connector Framework. An open set of APIs that facilitate the creation of connectors in a common manner. This will allow Veritas as well as our partners to continue to expand the connectors available.

Information Map, with our December release allows the deployment of the on-premises InfoMap agent on to a Windows 2016 server. Any cloud content sources are collected dircetly from the Veritas Cloud, that is, you do not need any on-premises agent to collect from cloud content sources.

We are very excited at this expansion of the content sources that Information Map now supports. You can now realise cost and risk reduction and operational efficiencies across the majority of your data sets. These connectors are now all available to both our subscribing and our trial customers. As long as you have spare capacity available, you can deploy and use these new connectors today.


Where do we find the documentation for each connector and how to cofigure it.   Is there documentation to help understand what exactly each connector can provide?  

 The (Veritas Information Map Installation and Administration Guide) and the (Veritas Information Map Connectors) documents are good resources and may provide what you're looking for.