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Welcome from the engineers


I thought I would drop a quick message in this forum to introduce myself and join Darren_Locke in welcoming everyone to the community. My name is Adam and I one of the devops engineers looking after the systems and processes that go into running and building Information Map. I joined the project not long after it first started as a UI engineer, working with the UX team to make the map the best looking product out there (in my humble, slightly biased, opinion). Over the years I have had to adapt my role to cover the work that needed doing. This has seen me work on the backend services, the QA automation suite, devops and more recently as a scrum master. As of January 2017 I permanantly joined the devops team maintaining the systems that keep Infomation Map running. I really have been all over this product.

I wanted to entend my own welcome to the community and invite any questions and comments. Coming from an engineering background hearing from the people using Information Map first hand is invaluable to know what we are doing right, and also what could we do better. I'm more than happy to answer questions from a technical point of view if you have a problem, or even if you are just curious about how we do things here. Additionally I shall be looking into creating a blog to share some of the insights on how devops operates here and some of the things we have learnt over the years.

I look forward to hearing from you all