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Celebrating EWeek2019 at Veritas: Elizabeth del Rocio Razo Padilla

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Veritas Technologies is home to many exceptional engineers – individuals who have dedicated their careers to identifying and solving the data management challenges encountered by Veritas customers through the development of innovative hardware and software solutions. And there are some engineers among the whole who demonstrate notable collaborative spirit and skill.

In celebration of #EWeek2019, Veritas is highlighting four engineers across the organization who have  shaped  our offerings and lend to the sense of community that is a meaningful part of #LifeAtVeritas. 

Today’s #EWeek2019 Veritas Technologies engineer: Elizabeth Razo  

Elizabeth demonstrates the ability to collaborate effectively with customers, receiving accolades from customers, and internal account and support teams regarding her strategic, thoughtful approach to engagement. She routinely goes above and beyond in her role, maintaining key customer relationships in addition to handling their critical case escalations. Thank you, Liz, for being such a valuable part of #TeamVtas 

What is your role as an engineer with Veritas Technologies? 

I am a part of the CFT (Customer Focus Team), in charge of detecting, proposing, and implementing the best solutions to problems in our production environments in a quick way, to keep our products free of bugs – specifically, the EVCloud product.

What inspired you to take on a role in engineering? 

I feel passion for getting to the root cause of the problems and fixing them. I like to implement solutions and tasks that challenge my knowledge, which involves the continues investigation and learning of new technologies and frameworks. Besides that, I am lucky to work with colleagues that have so much expertise, willing to help and share their knowledge – visible aspects printed into the quality of our products.

What is your favorite aspect of your role at Veritas? 

The freedom provided to propose solutions, participating in the build of the product. We have standards to follow – like code reviews and testing in different environments – but even then, we have freedom to share ideas; with the knowledge provided by every team member, we can implement the best solution. Every proposal is heard and considered by the team before being implemented, and the feeling of contributing to that is amazing.

So please, join those of us on #TeamVtas in celebrating the engineers in your life during #EWeek2019!